Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to Rye’s HomeGrown Community Garden – a space for students to get involved in urban agriculture and food issues on campus! In April 2010, the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR) started a community garden on the patio of the Ram in the Rye. The garden produced a variety of fruits and vegetables that were used to help support the Community Food Room. Following widespread interest to expand the garden, we are working with stakeholders on campus to gain access to new growing sites for the garden’s second season!

Why a community garden?

Gardening provides people with fresh and nutritious fruits, herbs, and vegetables that are organic and locally grown. Community gardens also provide those on low income with an alternative to traditionally expensive foods in retail stores.

We believe in creating a student-run garden to:

1. Supplement the Community Food Room.
2. Promote the concept of local sustainable food practices.
3. Educate students about food security and the principles of urban agriculture.
4. Serve as a tool to lobby the University for more local food options on campus.
5. Serve as a pilot project for larger agricultural sites on campus.
6. Provide a means for students to maintain a garden and care for it throughout the summer.

Where is the garden located?

Our greenhouse is located on the 3rd floor of the Architecture building. The garden will be located along Gould Street, near the entrance to the RAC, and on the Ram patio.

We have the space, but now need students with a love for food and the outdoors to get involved. Invite your friends to join this group. Passionate about gardening and want to volunteer? Contact us at
FoodSecurity.Ryerson@gmail.com to get involved!


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