First Ground Breaking

Wednesday June 1st was the BIG day.  After weeks in the greenhouse our vivacious vegetables and herbs were ready to make their debut on Gould Street. 

Leading up to the big day the Design Team and Rye’s HomeGrowers had been hard at work planning and prepping.  The day before digging in the site was laid out, but still looking quite bare.

With a great team and the sun above us we got to it.  We started by laying out the soil into raised beds into 8 columns and one row along the back wall.  [The centre of the plot will soon see some greenery too, but for now it is being reserved for an exciting collaborative project with Vineland and the University of Guelph called the World Crop Learning Garden project.] 

While breaking into the dirt we seemed to stir up a lot of great interest and curiousity from people passing by.  This response was fabulous to see, we even had an enthusiastic future Ryerson student join in the gardening fun. 

Once the dirt was down, it was the plants time to shine. 

Zora has been great in sharing her gardening knowledge and even brought some additional plants to join the Gould Street landscape. 
Our Ryerson University now has it’s very own community edible garden!!! 
If you have the chance take a walk along Gould Street and check out the Rye’s HomeGrown Community Garden, located across from the student centre and let us know what you think. 
As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions or even if you would like to become involved.  Feel free to e-mail us at 
Rye’s HomeGrown

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