Growing Up, Up, Up

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } To keep our veggies growing tall and strong our team of hard working architecture students built a trellis system for the garden.   Trellises act to support the growth of climbing plants, such as yardlong beans, sweet peas, etc.

After much brainstorming of potential designs and planning the team broke out their tools and dedicated a day to construction. 

Using recycled material, which was generously donated by the staff at the Architecture building, the trellises were installed and now grace the back wall of the Gould Street plot. 

The trellises are already being put to good use, helping the plants creap and climb up, up, up towards the sun.

Along with the trellis system, self watering containers were also constructed.  Amazingly, these containers were designed for less than $10 each.  They are composed of two layers to allow for water to be stored in the bottom and soil on the top, with a connecting pipe to allow for the water to be re-filled.  Below are pictures of the container (top= empty; bottom=with plants). 
  Many thanks to Jon, Nick, Jon, Andrei, Sogol, Maya and all the Rye’s HomeGrowers for sharing their amazing talents and effort, which have made the garden “so luscious” as an impressed passer-by exclaimed.
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À votre santé,
Rye’s HomeGrown

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