Two Hidden Gems

Tucked off the beaten path are two new additions to the Rye’s HomeGrown Community Garden family.  Located on either side of the RAC’s south entrance are two edible gardens: a Perennial Garden and a children’s garden in partnership with Ryerson’s Early Learning Centre.
Children’s Garden 
Rye’s HomeGrown is collaborating with the Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Ryerson to introduce gardening to children. ELC had gotten off to a great start with small sections in their playground dedicated to gardening, but this summer we’ve expanded!  Now the children have a plot that is approximately 6ft by 4ft beside the RAC entrance on the SW side where they’ve planted beans, radishes, beets, squash and potatoes.   

Perennial Garden

Perennials refer to plants that are continual, reoccuring year after year, and just like these plants in the garden we would like Rye’s HomeGrown to be perennial too.  This garden plot is similar to the Children’s Garden in that it is located beside the south entrance to the RAC, expect that it is on the east side of the doors.  
So go explore your Ryerson campus and check out these two hidden gems!
If you’d like to get involved, have any comments or feedback we are happy to hear from you, contact us at    

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