Busy Like Bees

Hey All,

Sorry to have kept any followers in the dark about Rye’s HomeGrown’s updates for the past little bit, nevertheless the gardens have certainly seen plenty of sunlight.   This past month saw multiple harvests producing a bounty of deliciousness which happily has been shared with Ryerson’s Community Food Room.   Okra, Callaloo, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Eggplants, Daikon Radishes, Bottle Gourd, and Yard Long Beans are just some of the veggies that have successfully grown and been harvested this summer at your very own Ryerson U campus!

Check out these pictures from the harvests…

Could you have imagined that all of that (plus more!) could be grown on your university campus, and accomplished by you (the Ryerson students, professors, & community)?!? 
We continue to be busy as bees and are working towards celebrating in style with a “Harvest Party” coming up in September…so keep posted.
We hope that you have enjoyed the garden thus far over the summer, but it does not end here.  There is plenty more growing to be done!
A votre sante,
Rye’s HomeGrown

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