Seedlings and Clean Gardens

 The seedlings have sprouted! Not all of them, but the Arugala and Tendergreen Mustard have! Which is super exciting!!
Does anyone have any tips for lighting in a greenhouse? We can time the lights to stay on for longer, do you think we should? I read they need 12-16 hours of light, do you have any recommendations?

Little sprouts reaching for the sun

I spent about three hours Sunday cleaning up the gardens, weeding and clearing up the yard waste. It was pretty hard work, and I’m still not done, but it’s progress! Pushing a bright red wheelbarrow across campus was… an experience for sure. Not to mention trying to get it out of the Architecture Building! (We store it in the greenhouse)
The Perennial Garden was seriously weedy, and I made some progress but it still needs lots of work, including pruning the huge plants.

Gould Garden yard waste..pretty gross, but now it’s all gone!
Cleaned up Children’s Garden. with huge pile of yard waste in the back, ready for the composter! You can see the wheelbarrow tracks haha


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