Fixing the Hoops

Well, we put up the hoops, and then they fell over.
In most of the hoops instructions I had looked at online, they had a straight piece going across the top of the arches to hold them up and together, but these were all really big hoops that you could walk in, so I thought we wouldn’t need that piece.

Aaaaand we did. Looks rather silly right?

Well originally I thought I would go back to Home Hardware and get straight pvc pipe and some heavy duty twist ties, but then I remembered that we have so many wood stakes and pieces of bamboo that were used to grows our beans on! (We also had a large role of twist-tie) What a great way to re-purpose the stakes that we aren’t going to use again until almost May!

So that is what I did 🙂

This is the left one, with the rain weighing down the plastic and it being cold, the pipe got out of shape and it was hard to make them into nice half circles again

This is the middle one; it kept the nicest shape

I pulled the plastic off to one side of the hoops, cut long pieces of twist tie, and attached the bamboo pieces. I used two pieces of bamboo per hoop; unfortunately we didn’t have any 13 feet long stakes.

The hardest part of this was taking the plastic off. It rained quite a bit recently, and because the pipe had bent down right to the ground, a lot of water collected on the plastic, and trying to move the plastic without spilling water all over my shoes was tough work. It was quite heavy too. (Of course I am a not-very-strong girl…)

After I attached all the bamboo stakes I just pulled the plastic back over and secured it close to the ground again.

The above picture is of the left plot, and it just gave me GRIEF. Its pipes had warped the most in the cold, and so it didn’t stay nicely rounded. When I was pulling the plastic back up, I went around to the side it was all laying on to adjust some folds, when a big wind came and blew it all up in the air like a sail! With me behind it trying to keep it down, it must have been a sight. Luckily one of our great volunteers was passing by just then and helped me pull the plastic down again. Compared to the other two it looks quite bent out of shape.

So those are our hoops! I checked the seedlings, and they haven’t died, but they don’t look very different either. I think we’ll be checking them every two weeks to see if they need water. On a good note the hoops have worked extremely well in protecting the seedlings and the soil from the weather, there was no change in the soil even though we’ve had lots of rain and wet snow today.

The finished product 🙂


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