Two updates: one normal, one gross

I don’t think I posted before about our composter, but here it is! It’s just a standard one from the City of Toronto. I put all the yard waste that I gathered in November into it. I’m sure not much is happening inside it now, but when it gets warmer the system will get right to work since the material inside started to decompose when it was in a pile before I got the composter. 

This is a rather unfortunate picture. It’s two dead mice. This is in the Perennial Garden, and I took the picture only two weeks ago. As you can see there is still a green plant! (it’s callaloo) It’s growing right next to the heating vents of the RAC, and the whole left side of the garden is quite warm from the air coming out.

I’m not sure how these mice died, there’s speculation that the cause was rat poison, since they haven’t been eaten or anything. The bigger one was there first, and the second smaller mouse appeared probably a few days before I saw it and took the picture. I know I have to remove them soon, but I need to first ask the Custodial Staff at Ryerson which garbage I should put them in.
Isn’t it strange how the warm air has completely stopped them from decomposing! At least on the outside. Gross right 🙂


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