Darn Flies

Darn flies indeed, biting at the beet leaves 😦 Luckily for the plants, when I went to the Dollar Store to get some rubber gloves and a spray bottle for cleaning the greenhouse, I found this!!
Potted Plant Insect Glue Traps

Apparently the bright yellow attracts the bugs, and the sticky surface traps them. There was six sheets in the package and they are double-sided. It also came with 3 holding sticks that you can attach the sheets to and have standing up in the soil.

I made these hanging rather than sticking them in the soil.

When we were cleaning the greenhouse, we had to move all of the trays to the storage room, and I decided to try one of the sticky sheets out then, and just leave it with the plants while we cleaned. It was there for about an hour and a half, and when we brought the plants back to the tables, there was at least ten flies already on the sheet! Gross, but awesome!

The sticky traps have now been there for more than a week, and went I went into the greenhosue on Friday there were a lot of flies on all of the sheets, I’m probably going to have to buy more soon! They were only $1.50 though 🙂 (from the Dollar Store)

I put this one hanging over the door to catch any coming from the storage room. It works..


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