Gearing up for the growing season

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! Hope that even during this busy time of the year, everyone has been able to enjoy the warm, sunny weather outside. This type of weather always puts a big smile on my face because it means that we will be gearing UP for the GROWING SEASON!!!!!!!

A couple of announcements to make:

1. Our First workshop of the year will be happening during the week of April 1st!!!!! We are going to start growing our seeds…….wohoooo…..We haven’t decided on a date and time yet because we want to make sure everyone has had a chance to fill out the doodle poll first. If you have not, hurry and fill your availabilities on it before it closes on Sunday, March 25th…..HURRY!!! (

“seeds is really about the embodiment of life…… can rise again, again and again. It is really the source of life.”- I heard this from  Dr. Vandana Shiva when she was on CBC last week. How nicely framed and perfect timing for the growing season. You can listen to the rest of the podcast here: (

If that doesn’t motivate you, the pictures below are just a few of the harvest last year, think about how much more it can flourish this year. Come out and plant some seeds and see the “fruits/vegetable/herb” of your labour flourish.

2. I went into the greenhouse today just to do some watering for all the greens in there. They are taking in all the water a lot faster now that the weather is warmer. What I thought would be a quick 10 minute task turned into a one hour stay at the greenhouse harvesting the ARUGULA and MUSTARD GREENS that we have (no complaints here). After an hour, I actually only harvested half of the plants. Guess how much the harvest today yield? Arugula: 261g and Mustard Greens: 49g. That is a lot for these leafy greens. Check out the pics below. Thanks to Nick (from Architecture) who was nice enough to use his phone to take these pictures since I didn’t have a phone or camera with me.

Packed bowl of arugula
Mustard greens

Don’t let the size fool you. It doesn’t look like a lot BUT I managed to fill up one big aluminium foil container that can store food for 10+ people. And it is to the top. Salad Anyone??? As we are gearing up for this new growing season, we are trying to maximise the space for growing with a humble greenhouse. How might we do this, you might ask? Well, we are going to turn to all that vertical space that are under utilised. Check out the picture of the Concordia’s greenhouse in this link (, what a brilliant idea!!! Want to join us in this effort to turning the vertical space in the greenhouse to a growing medium, just contact us at .

3. Finally, we have some new friends in the greenhouse. Our youth programming with one of our community partners has started!!!!!! Last week, we went to the Big Carrot to purchase seeds of vegetables and fruits that everyone wanted to grow. This week, we had planted it in the greenhouse. These ranged from heirloom tomatoes, MELONS (I am really interested in how this will turn out, never grew one before), purple broccoli, lots of Thai basil, some squash, collards just to name a few. Also, check out the list of things they wanted to learn. This is going to be as much of a learning experience for them as it is for me.

Check out goal #7 (how to cross breed plants)—–I have no idea about this, help?

David (our chef extraordinaire) and dedicated RHG member had this to say after the seed planting with the youth “I really think group planting and a community sense to community garden is integral to being successful. Talking today with some of the members, they really felt strongly about being connected with someone, especially consistently to have that familiarity that is key in community garden work. It was really fun, and I enjoyed the interaction with people who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to do gardening.”

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

For those who would like to get started on growing your seeds or to stock up, there is a seedy Saturday event tomorrow (March 24th) at:

  • Masayrk-Cowan Community Centre, 220 Cowan Avenue
  • Saturday March 24, 2012
  • 11 AM – 4 PM


This is the second last seedy Saturday in Toronto!!!

Maybe we will run into some familiar faces tomorrow, we need to stock up for our gardens as well, hopefully we can locate where to get some chocolate mint (!!!!!!!!


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