Another Garden a Growin’

As of last Friday, July 13th a brand new garden at Ryerson was completed – The 21 Gerrard St. Garden. With the help of many volunteers working throughout multiple days this past month, this site has been transformed from a dingy, juniper wasteland, to the beautiful site that exists there today. However, making the site this way was not all that easy. A few of the challenges we faced were: rat infestation, acidic soil, sprawling weeds, clay soil and intense sunlight. As a result of the rats (the site is located next to the food receiving bay) we chose to plant many varieties of hot peppers, something rats just aren’t that into. We now have 31 hot pepper plants in the site. To fix the acidic and clay-like soil, we worked in hearty amounts of rich topsoil and compost.

Something new we brought into the garden are grapes. Along the back wall there are now two grape vines winding throughout a homemade trellis system. Hopefully, with some water, sunlight and patience, these grapes will continue to grow and take over the back of the Gerrard St. garden.

If anyone is interested in helping out with this brand new garden, in the form of watering, maintenance or harvesting, send us an email at Anything and everything will be appreciated.


Rye’s Homegrown.

P.S – pictures will be posted soon.


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