Job opportunity: Urban Agriculture Coordinator


Position: Urban Agriculture Coordinator
Location: Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
Term: 6 months/ renewable (funding dependant)  
           [20hrs/week at $20/hr)

Rye’s HomeGrown Community Garden is situated at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, it consists of six outdoor communal gardens dedicated to the growing of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture. Established in 2010, Rye’s HomeGrown Community Gardens strive to build community where knowledge and skills can be exchanged to address issues surrounding environmental sustainability and food security. To date Rye’s homegrown has been run by a small staff and volunteers.

 Coordinator Responsibilities:
·         Creation of timeline/schedule for growing season

       ·     Consulting with stakeholders /advisory committee

o   What will be grown, space maximization
o   How and to whom yield will be distributed
·         Planning, planting, maintenance of all edible garden sites
·         Budgeting
·         Purchasing materials/ recycling, recuperation of used materials
·         Harvesting/distribution on campus (volunteers, events, community meals)
·         Working with students/researchers to implement innovative growing techniques and design projects
·         Works closely with engagement coordinator to create programming which is appropriate for on campus gardens and projects
·         Oversees volunteers and interns in the gardens
·         Ongoing relationship with facilities management
·         Implement four seasons growing techniques
·         Works closely with campus facilities to implement impact/energy/cost saving operations
·         Assist and brainstorm ideas for revenue generation
·         Monthly meeting with advisory board
·         Weekly meeting with RGH coordinators
·         Weekly log of activities
·         Contribute to end of season report development
·         Assisting with solicitation of funds
·         Maintains relationships with partners (in conjunction with other coordinators)
·         Contribute updates to monthly newsletter


·         Must be able to work independently, with limited supervision
·         Must have excellent organizational, time management and planning skills
·         Experience growing organic produce in a variety of environments (outdoor/indoor/varying climates)
·         Experience with diverse growing techniques (ex: container, hydroponic, aquaponic systems
·         Knowledge of composting, identification of plants and pests
·         Able to source and make use of recuperated materials for growing
·         Ability to maximize growing space
·         Experience with distribution of produce
·         Comprehension of contemporary food systems and issues around food security
·         Experience working as part of a team
·         Good relationship building skills
·         Experience creating engaging programming for and leading volunteers
·         Creating and leading workshops
·         Experience with program delivery to both children and adults
·         Experience determining and managing a budget
·         A familiarity working within institutional systems
·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills
·         A basic comprehension of Microsoft office

How to Apply: Please email cover letter and resume to by Noon, February8th, 2013.  Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis until February 13th.

Note: Please quote UA coordinator in the subject line.

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