Marketing 101

Over the last few weeks we’ve been bragging a lot online about how productive our plots have been, and yesterday’s on-campus farmer’s market gave us the chance to do some gloating in person. We had a great day running our stand, selling our goods, repping city farming and our own unique “100 metre diet” brand of locavorism. The event was the second in the summer series of the AppleTree-run Ryerson Farmer’s Market, and we are pleased to announce it was a huge success. We can only imagine how crazy things will be in a month when Gould is packed with back-to-schoolers, and the AppleTree market returns for our annual Harvest Party (mark it on your calendar — September 18th).


We were proud to sell our campus-grown vegetables next to some amazing vendors. Whether we were munching on pepperettes made from hand-raised livestock or chowing down on vegan Caribbean patties, we certainly made sure we took the time to taste the market ourselves. And it was delicious. The market was so busy that we sold out of most of our vegetables, while still making sure that there is plenty left in the gardens for the big shindig next month.

Here is some of what was on yesterday’s shopping list:


Heirloom Tomatoes & Purple Eggplant


Cukes & Snowy Globe Eggplant


Patty pan squash, hot peppers, lemon cukes, cukes, toms


We also offered a new item, which proved to be quite the hit, an unsweetened iced tea featuring fresh mint leaves from our garden. We are planning on offering this again at the Harvest Party, and we might even bust out some other herbal teas sold in individual jars.


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