Decoding GROW to THROW

At RHG, we get all kinds of questions. One that seems to come up a lot is about the meaning behind the phrase “Grow to Throw,” which we use to describe our methodology. GROW to THROW essentially means that we are striving for a food system where food not only grows right under your nose, but that the food waste you throw away at the end of your meal ends up enriching the same soil that will help grow next year’s meals. It is a framework for rethinking the social, environmental, and political aspects of food production. It involves composting, seed-saving, permaculture techniques, and upcycling (repurposing discarded materials to build containers or other supplies).

We’ve created a little infographic chart using Piktochart to help clarify what kind of stuff we are talking about when we use the term “Grow to Throw”:


In other news, come join us this Thursday at the Community Food Room’s Good Food Festival on Gould Street! We will be tabling from 12-2, so visit us if you feel like discussing anything related to farming or food.  



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