RHG Harvest Party 2014

Hello everyone 🙂

Photo by Sammy Tangir

This is Cindy! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but haven’t had the time so apologies to all. I just wanted to write about the amazing events that happened at the Harvest Party this year and thank all the people who came out to enjoy it with us. If you didn’t get a chance to drop by we’re very sorry you couldn’t make it and hope to meet you at one of our other events in the future.

The reason we wanted to have this Harvest Party was to celebrate the amazing year we had here at Rye’s Homegrown. There were a lot of changes, but our biggest (and proudest) accomplishment this year was the conversion of the Engineering Building’s green roof into an edible market garden. We’re so proud of it we threw a party to show it off! Just kidding. We wanted it to be an opportunity for those who might not have had a chance to see the roof yet to come up and enjoy it with others and learn little bit more about urban agriculture along the way.

The process of planning the party was a whirlwind, but all of it would not be possible without the amazing effort put in by volunteers named Diane, Sammy, and Pauline. You three were quite the superstars and the party would not have been the success it was had you not been there to help us out! Now if you meet them in the halls of Ryerson or in any other setting you can rest assured knowing they are amazing people. This blog post says so.

The day started with two rooftop workshops: mushroom growing and garlic planting. Arlene tells me that there were more than 40 people who came out to the workshops which is more than we ever could have imagined! These amazing volunteers came out to learn more about how to grow at home and helped us out a lot by planting garlic bulbs to get ready for the next season. Word on the street is that they even got to take home a mushroom growing kit at the end of the day too.

Volunteers planting garlic on the roof (photo by Katrine Gahol)
A completed mushroom bag ready to grow some oyster mushrooms! (Photo by Sammy Tangir)

After the excitement from the workshops guests were invited down to the atrium to enjoy a little after party complete with food, drinks, and games. On the table there was a variety of freshly harvested veggies from the rooftop plus some homemade dips including an onion jam, potato and celeriac dip, and a roasted beet dip as well. Ryerson Eats also generously donated some fantastic salad dressing and garlic dip. Not Far From the Tree was equally as generous because they provided us with an apple cider press so that guests could enjoy some freshly brewed hot cider right on the spot! Nothing says a Harvest Party like some hot apple cider, am I right?

All in all the event was so much fun to plan and execute. It would not have happened though without the help of our amazing volunteers. We even had a few Farm the Roof participants come back to help us with farm tours and clean up. Thank you! You are all truly one of a kind.

With the season almost coming to a close I’d also like to thank everyone who has made this year so great. This project would not be possible without your dedication and support. We hope that you enjoyed hanging out with us this year and look forward to working with you all next year!

– Cindy 🙂

Photos by Sammy Tangir  1011237_789764654395883_1556858830344081738_n

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