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Upcoming Events

Farmer’s Market — Wednesdays, 11am to 3pm
Greater Green Conference — Monday & Tuesday, June 1st and 2nd
Drop-In Volunteering — Friday, June 5th, 1pm to 4pm
— Friday, July 3rd, 1pm to 4pm

We’ve been soaking up the sunshine here at Rye’s HomeGrown this past month and we, including our gardens, are loving it! The Rye’s HomeGrown Garden Design team and volunteers have been hard at work trying to get all of our gardens planted. We want to give a special thanks to Evergreen Brickworks who came out and helped us prepare our beds and plant carrots a couple of weeks ago.

Since the last newsletter we held our Spring Fair, and although the weather wasn’t that spring-like, we were glad to welcome a bunch of first-timers up to our roof for a tour. A special congratulations goes out to Ursula Nocon, faculty at Ryerson, won the seed guessing contest and will be getting a free CSA box.

Last week, Spencer also hosted a Volunteer day at the Gould Street Garden where he and a group of 10 volunteers helped plant some vegetables and herbs and made some beautiful wooden signs. We are really excited to see this garden in full bloom. The Gould Street Garden is made up of three different permaculture guilds: an annual edible guild, an edible perennial guild, and a medicinal and culinary herb guild.

Next Friday, June 5th we will be hosting our monthly drop-in on the Andrew and Valerie Pringle Environmental Green Roof on the George Vari Engineering and Computing Center, from 1pm-4pm. We’ve got so much to do up there, and could really use some extra hands.
In the upcoming months we are also planning a container gardening workshop! Stay tuned for more information. Also, come and see us every Wednesday from 11am to 3pm at Ryerson’s Farmers’ Market on Gould Street.

Ryerson is also proud to host the Grey to Green Conference here this Monday and Tuesday (June 1st – June 2nd). Rye’s HomeGrown is proud to be hosting a tour on the Andrew and Valerie Pringle Environmental Green Roof as well as have our Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Arlene, presenting a talk about Rye’s HomeGrown. If you are planning to attend, say hi to Arlene, and check out her talk or tour the garden. For more information of the Grey to Green Conference: www.greytogreenconference.org.

Also if you are interested in a summer employment opportunity in urban agriculture:
Environmental Educator – Urban Agriculture; Student Summer Job Position
Job Description
The Environmental Educator will work with Greenest City’s staff and volunteers to operate the weekly Parkdale Community Good Food Market and support a positive and productive growing season by supporting volunteers in Greenest City’s three existing gardens, and 2 new gardens! The position involves both regular garden maintenance activities and organic gardening education for community gardeners of all ages and levels of experience.
Full posting here:
Environmental Educator – Urban Agriculture summer student 2015
This Week’s Feature Edible: Lettuces
Super Easy Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

If you were out at the farmers’ market this week, you probably saw that we have started harvesting (and selling) our lettuces which we planted earlier this month. We’ve got green lettuce, we’ve got red lettuce, we’ve got Boston lettuce, we’ve got baby red and green oak lettuces. And we put all of these into those beautiful spring mixes you can find on Gould Street on Wednesdays.
Last week I took my mix home, tossed in some other veg and whipped up my go-to salad dressing: Honey mustard dressing. This is a super simple ratio-dressing, so you can make a little, just for your self or enough to last you the week.


  • 1 part Honey
  • 1 part Dijon Mustard (whole mustard preferred)
  • 3 parts Canola or Grapeseed oil
  • optional: chives


  1. Put all ingredients in a jar and give it a good shake.
  2. Add water to achieve desired consistency.
  3. Drizzle over you fresh Rye’s HomeGrown Spring mix and enjoy!