A Big Thank You

Well we did it! Can you believe it? What an amazing harvest season. This year we’ve been able to produce 8,000 pounds of vegetables and fruits. This could not have been done with out our dozens of volunteers, our urban agriculture coordinator, Arlene Throness, and our four interns this summer — Cindy, Spencer, Jenna and Kaylem. This summer we also have had had the pleasure of hosting over 600 visitors on the roof, whether it be for workshops, tours, or just to give a hand. We hope you had a blast visiting or helping out on the farm, because we sure did!

Rye’s HomeGrown had the pleasure of hosting over 100 guests at our Annual Fall Harvest Party last month. It was a blast! We ate, we drank, we planted garlic and played with worms. We wanted to give a big thanks to all those who helped out. And a special thank you to the recipients of our Champion Awards, including Fional Yeudall, Garth Poppleton, Janice Winton and Joshna Maharaj who have been crucial in getting Rye’s HomeGrown off our feet, and supporting us throughout our journey.

We also want to give a shout out to all of the amazing people who have helped us throughout the season. This includes everyone who came out at our last First Friday, and every other First Friday, as well as our On-Grounds Volunteer sessions throughout the summer. And a big shout-out to all of our CSA member, full or farmer members, who where critical in keeping us pumping out produce all summer long.

I told you guys that this newsletter was all about thanking you amazing folks, right?

Did you buy produce from us this summer? Thank you
Did you give us your Ryerson compost? Thanks you
Did you support us on social media or read about us in the newspaper? Thank you

We are a collective, and without you, we couldn’t survive so…..Thank you!

Also, a big congratulations to Arlene who will be receiving the Rising Star Award at the Toronto Botanical Garden’s Aster Award!!. We are all so proud of you! There might still be some tickets available if you haven’t purchased yours yet. Check out below for more information.

Want to stay in touch? During the winter we’ll be busy cleaning the roof, planning the garden, looking for funding, and replacing the tools we’ve broken over the summer. But make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter (if this arrived in your mail-box you’re set!) to find out about the workshops and events we will be holding starting in the new year.

Questions, comments or suggestions for next year? We’d love to hear them. Send an email to ryeshomegrown@gmail.com

Oh, and thanks guys!

This Month’s Feature Edible: Celeriac
Celeriac, Leek and Potato Soup

Oh so creamy, without an ounce of cream! Can you believe it? Well I can!
This recipes features one of the so called ‘monsters’ of the garden — Celeriac. Celeriac is gnarly looking root vegetable that can get to about the size of your head. Typically this veg is harvested late in the fall, after the first soft frost, but before a hard frost (just in case you feel like growing some yourself next year!). Celeriac is a really cool root, also known as celery root, it has the texture of a potato but tastes like the most delicious celery imaginable! We cut one up raw on the rooftop garden the other day, and it was amazing! So don’t let the crazy appearance dissuade you from picking a celeriac up from your local market or grocer.

I’ve been waiting to cook up this soup all season! Ever since I saw the roots sticking out from under what I originally mistook as celery. Through in some Rye’s HomeGrown leeks, garlic and my last couple potatoes, and we have the makings for a delicious soup. The hardest part of making this soup is cutting up the celeriac, once that’s done, it’s smooth sailing. Spice up this soup a bit with some pesto or an herb oil.

Serves: 8
Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes


  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 celeriac, peeled and cubed
  • 2 large (4 small) leeks, white and light green only, roughly chopped
  • 2 large white or russet potatoes, peeled and chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
  • 6 cups vegetable broth
  • Black pepper and salt to taste


  1. In a large, thick bottomed soup pot, heat oil on medium heat with the bay leaf.
  2. Add celeriac, leek, potato and garlic. Let sweat for about 10 minutes.
  3. Add vegetable broth. Cover, increase heat and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20-25 minutes or until celeriac is tender.
  4. Let cool for 20-30 minutes. Remove bay leaf, and blend soup in blender (may need to to blend in batches). If I have to blend in batches, and I know that there is going to be left overs, I usually put the first batch into Tupperware containers for tomorrow night’s dinner.
  5. After blended, return the soup to the pot, and warm over medium heat, for about 20 minutes, or until warm.
  6. Serve will a dollop of pesto or a couple drops of an herb oil.

This recipe has been reproduced with permission from NoEmptyFridge.