In 2013, Rye’s HomeGrown began growing a small edible garden on the top of the Andrew and Valerie Pringle green roof. In this small space, it yielded 250kg of fresh organic produce. Continuing on from the lessons learned, we worked closely with Campus Facilities and Sustainability to convert the remainder 10,000 sq.ft (1/4 acre) into a market garden. In addition to food production, the purpose of the market garden is to provide growing knowledge, education and hands-on opportunities for interested participants.

From May-July 2014, we started a Farm the Roof program with 17 amazing participants who committed 5 hours/week to convert the green roof into a full fledged edible roof.

In 2014 we…

  • Grew over 2 tonnes or about 5200 pounds of produce!
  • Harvested enough vegetables to feed 250 people throughout our harvest season
  • Increased food security among 20 people through working member shares
  • Hosted >300 people through tours, workshops, volunteering and events

During 2015, members of the urban agriculture design program along with our 5 interns helped prep and plant the roof during April and May. Starting in June our working CSA member farmers and our interns have been busy planting, maintaining, and harvesting.


A view of the roof on a Friday morning.
A view of the roof on a Friday morning.




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